The bridge was first constructed in 1836 beneath the reign of Sultan Mahmud II. It was initially constructed as a picket bridge to supply people with boat transport, which was then often called Jewish Bridge. It was moreover often called the Mahmudiye Köprüsü bridge. The bridge was initially 400 meters prolonged and 10 meters large and was designed as a tipping bridge to allow the passage of big vessels. In 1876, the bridge was rebuilt from iron. It was supervised by a French agency. It reached a measurement of 480 meters, whereas its width elevated to 18 meters. The worth of its constructing amounted to 135,000 gold lira, which was then often called Unkapanı Köprüsü bridge instead of bridge Mahmudiyah (the dismantled components of Mahmudiyah Bridge had been purchased at public sale). It continued on this interval between 1875 and 1912 until it was demolished after which rebuilt. The current bridge was constructed between 1936 and 1940, and is 477 meters prolonged and 25 meters large.


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